Professional Concentrate Restructuring Liquid Cream Conditioner Spray for Rinse Off Enhanced with Peach Ceramides Extracts & Lon

    • Strong action districante which immediately makes the hair soft and easy to comb through
    • Soothing effect districante and illuminates the hair making it large, strong and silky
    • Product with rinsing
    • Long lasting concentrated as ratio of 1/8 by Conditioner Normal
    • Design: Italy - Cosmetic 100% Italian production

Strong action, detangler that makes the hair immediately soft and easy to comb through.

The fluid, detangler, practical and revolutionary detangles hair eight times more than the normal conditioner, the untangling and emollient effect illuminates the hair making it large, strong and silky, making it extremely the creation of any hair style.

The emoliente immediate effect makes the most extreme hairstyles.

Way of use: Spray the product, from approx 20/30 cm directly on wet or damp hair, after washed thoroughly.

Massage to activate the product, distribuendolo evenly throughout the hair.

Proceed to please comb the hair as usual, at the end of the process rinse thoroughly.

Warnings: Do not spray on flame. Do not spray in the eyes, in the case wash thoroughly. Use only for use indicated.

Suspend the use in case of intolerance.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in Italy.

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