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Professional Hair Dye Black 1/0 with Ammonia Permanent Natural 100 ml

£15.99 £17.99 -£2.00
  • Wear Professional Protective Latex Gloves for Hair Dye
  • No Itchy Scalp Sensation
  • Duration: 6-8 Weeks, Dye Diluting Rate 1:1
  • Mixing example: 50 ml Italia Cosmesi Artist Color Pro Dye + 50 ml Hydrogen Peroxide Cream 10 vol, Hydrogen Peroxide Cream 20 vol, Hydrogen Peroxide Cream 30 vol, Hydrogen Peroxide Cream 40 vol
  • Optional: Brush, Bowl, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cape, Latex Gloves

Dye Preparation and Application: Always wear suitable gloves before colour preparation. 

Apply product on dry unwashed hair.

NUANCE's dye mixing rate: 1:1

One part ARTIST dye + one part Hydrogen Peroxide 10 vol Hydrogen Peroxide 20 vol Hydrogen Peroxide 30 vol Hydrogen Peroxide 40 vol, 30 minutes time. 

DYE EXAMPLE: 50 ml ARTIST DYE + 50 ml Oxidising Cream

Caution : 

Hair Dye may cause allergic reactions
It's recommended a sensitivity preliminary test
Do Not Use Dye for eyelash and eyebrow
Immediately rinse thoroughly if dye gets in contact with eyes
Rinse well after dye application
Wear protective gloves
Follow instructions

Professional Use

Cover the shoulders with a professional cape or towel. 
It will prevent color to drop over the shoulders during the hair dying. 
Fix the towel around the neck with a safety pin or a clothes peg. 
This step facilitate hair dye application, and will help dyeing hair homogenously. 
Protect hairline, ears and neck before applying the dye. 
Using this protection, will make it easy remove potential colour stains. 
You can buy Italia Cosmesi's bowl to mix hair dye colours. 
If brush for hair dye application is not included in the box, you can buy it on Italia Cosmesi. 
Mix hair dye with hydrogen peroxide. 
Follow carefully instructions on the box.

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