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Atomic Green - Viking Inks

Atomic Green - Viking Inks

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  • Professional Ink Used by Tattoo Artists for Colorings and Fills
  • High Quality Product Respecting All Current Regulations
  • The Brilliant and Durable Colors of All Time
  • Color Safety Easy to Apply
  • Distributed by ItaliaCosmesi and Selected by Lauro Paolini

Viking colors have an extremely wide range of colors, allowing the tattoo artist to enjoy a wide selection of shades and shades.

All viking colors boast an extreme brilliance, a characteristic that distinguishes them even after the execution of the work, because they are not subject to a large difference in intensity once the color is dry.

Despite the extreme brightness and tightness, the not too high density of the Viking allows an application on the skin extremely easy and practical, making the work faster and safer.

In addition, the Vikings do not impact heavily on the skin and facilitate the healing process of the skin compared to many competitors.

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